samedi 10 mars 2012

Toward a better editor for Ella

If you're using Ella, you have noticed that, sometimes, the editor's look and feel isn't perfect, mainly when you want to resize or rotate an item. So, since last days, I've worked on those problems :
- less bugs (I hope : none !) when we resize an item. Now the lower corner is "sensitive", and I will probably add a function to change the mouse pointer look when it's hover the lower corner.

- less bugs (but with some remaining) in rotation box : there is now 4 sensitive areas and the selection box try to surround correctly the object during rotation :

jeudi 1 mars 2012

Ella 0.4 is out !

The first 0.4 series is out ! With ...

- various bug fixes (selection box, resizing box ...)
- new icons for layers and "about" dialog
- better user experience with an improved information area for editor.
- better translation (for french, of course !)
- and,  the main new : buttons and ActionScripts(tm) (with, for this release, a limited set of instructions)  are functionnal. You should see the sixth example at this demo page  and spend some time to read this page about buttons and scripts with Ella !