samedi 7 janvier 2012

7 Janv 2012
A new blog for Ella Renaissance and a new feature
As you can see, I've just built this blog. It's time for me to tell you about improvements in Ella-Renaissance Animator.
Today, I've just committed the revision 37 on launchpad. It's now possible to modifiy via Ella a bitmap image object.
Here is the way to do that :
1- select an image/bitmap object
2- <right-click> to show local menu, and choose "modify the image"
3- It's call your prefered Bitmpa editing program, as specifyed in "preferences"

4- modify the image and save it
5- the image is automatically modifiyed under Ella.

Note : this feature isn't yet available for precompiled .DEB packages, you must either compile yourself or wait until 31 Janv 2012

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