dimanche 3 juin 2012

Ella Renaissance 0.4.2 is out !

Hello all !

Ella Renaissance 0.4.2 is out and available as ubuntu DEB packages (Lucid, Maverick, Oneiric, Precise)
You can download Ella from here : downloads
In this release, you can find :
- various bugs corrections and code cleaning
- it's now possible, even for flash files, to produce true counterclockwise rotations.
- added the "color interpolation" (only for Flash exportation) : now, Ella can se-up a color transition for objects between two key-frames.
>> color transitions :

- a better "properties panel" with, for example, display of current angle.
- it's also now, possible to draw unclosed path ; simply, at the end of your drawing, hit <space> key against <return> (closed and filled path) or <ESC> (closed un-filled path.
>> unclosed path object :

- first release for Ubuntu Precise 12.04, because this Ubuntu release has some new dependancies.
>> Ella Renaissance on Lubuntu 12.04 :

Enjoy hit ! The next release is schedulled for mid-july, and probably a 'security' release mid-june.

dimanche 1 avril 2012

Ella 0.4.1 is out !

Hello !
The new release is available.
Some news :
- better editor.
- bugs fixes
- added options if you launch ella from command line (type ella -h in a terminal for options)
- you can start Ella with right-click on an .ella file (please see your prefered Desktop Manager to know how to associate files to applications)
- started work to add ActionScript (tm) to key-frames. You can test it, but be very, very careful with the AS instructions (compliant to AS 2.0 only).

As usual, you can find downloads here : downloads

samedi 10 mars 2012

Toward a better editor for Ella

If you're using Ella, you have noticed that, sometimes, the editor's look and feel isn't perfect, mainly when you want to resize or rotate an item. So, since last days, I've worked on those problems :
- less bugs (I hope : none !) when we resize an item. Now the lower corner is "sensitive", and I will probably add a function to change the mouse pointer look when it's hover the lower corner.

- less bugs (but with some remaining) in rotation box : there is now 4 sensitive areas and the selection box try to surround correctly the object during rotation :

jeudi 1 mars 2012

Ella 0.4 is out !

The first 0.4 series is out ! With ...

- various bug fixes (selection box, resizing box ...)
- new icons for layers and "about" dialog
- better user experience with an improved information area for editor.
- better translation (for french, of course !)
- and,  the main new : buttons and ActionScripts(tm) (with, for this release, a limited set of instructions)  are functionnal. You should see the sixth example at this demo page  and spend some time to read this page about buttons and scripts with Ella !

mercredi 15 février 2012

Ella 64 bits is out !

Since 14 feb 2011, thanks to Louis from ubuntu.fr, you can find a 64 bits pre-compiled version of Ella !
The archives are here : Ella Downloads

jeudi 9 février 2012

Button colors edition works now !

Since yesterday, I've finished implementation of button edition in Ella (only available if you compile yourself, otherwise you must wait until the next binary release, 1st March 2012).

With this feature, once an object becomes a button, you can modify the colors for the "mouse hover state" (when the user moves the pointer above the button) and the "pressed state" (when the user clicks in button's area and maintains the left mouse button down).

At this time, in the preview, I only consider a 'box' button, but, of course, all types of buttons can be edited ! Once you have done this edition, hit <CTRL>+<ENTER> keys to do a preview in flash format, and move your move above the button to see the result.

mercredi 1 février 2012

Some work on buttons edition

For the next release, it's necessary to allow to the user to edit the button's colors : I've made the  most part of this job today. Here is a screenshot under a test program, but it isn't yet embedded in Ella.

mardi 31 janvier 2012

Ella Renaissance 0.3.9-4 is out !

The last release if available since today ! You can find binaries and source code here : downloads

Here is a screenshot under Lubuntu Oneiric :

mercredi 25 janvier 2012

Buttons work today

This day, I've improved the work on buttons : Boxes, Ellipses, Outlines and Polygons objects can be changed in "button objects". It's already possible to add ActionScripts to four button states : press/release/mouse in/mouse out.

It isn't perfect, and the "bitmap buttons" aren't managed.
I hope that ActionScripts and buttons should be finished for first ''0.4" series release in March 2012.
Nevertheless, you'll can play with buttons and Scripts in next release for 0.3 series (31 Jan 2012)

mercredi 18 janvier 2012

Working on Action Scripts

Today, I've finally integrated to Ella a dialog and a wizzard to manage Action Script (tm) scripting ; the job isn't finished, but there is more 80% done !
Here is a screenshot ;

 I have to complete some routines about "buttons objects" management and specific file options.
This dialog will be present in the next release (31 Janv 2012) but not absolutly usable...

mardi 10 janvier 2012

Added a functionnality for objects rotations

Since last days, the menu "rotations" was simplified : only a not very wide choice (+/- 90°, +/- 180°, +270°, 360°) ; Now, you can choose any arbitrary rotation by usage of small dialog box :

dimanche 8 janvier 2012

Re-enabled an old feature

A simple work, but necessary : I've finished to set the "force aspect ratio" feature. Now, when you draw a box, an ellipse or if you resize, simply hit the <CTRL> key to force the aspect ratio ; now, you can finally obtain direcly perfects squares and circles, not only rectangles/boxes or ellipses.
Here is a screenshot :
Note : only available on revision #38, you shall compile yourself or wait until 31 Janv 2012 for a .DEB package

samedi 7 janvier 2012

7 Janv 2012
A new blog for Ella Renaissance and a new feature
As you can see, I've just built this blog. It's time for me to tell you about improvements in Ella-Renaissance Animator.
Today, I've just committed the revision 37 on launchpad. It's now possible to modifiy via Ella a bitmap image object.
Here is the way to do that :
1- select an image/bitmap object
2- <right-click> to show local menu, and choose "modify the image"
3- It's call your prefered Bitmpa editing program, as specifyed in "preferences"

4- modify the image and save it
5- the image is automatically modifiyed under Ella.

Note : this feature isn't yet available for precompiled .DEB packages, you must either compile yourself or wait until 31 Janv 2012