dimanche 3 juin 2012

Ella Renaissance 0.4.2 is out !

Hello all !

Ella Renaissance 0.4.2 is out and available as ubuntu DEB packages (Lucid, Maverick, Oneiric, Precise)
You can download Ella from here : downloads
In this release, you can find :
- various bugs corrections and code cleaning
- it's now possible, even for flash files, to produce true counterclockwise rotations.
- added the "color interpolation" (only for Flash exportation) : now, Ella can se-up a color transition for objects between two key-frames.
>> color transitions :

- a better "properties panel" with, for example, display of current angle.
- it's also now, possible to draw unclosed path ; simply, at the end of your drawing, hit <space> key against <return> (closed and filled path) or <ESC> (closed un-filled path.
>> unclosed path object :

- first release for Ubuntu Precise 12.04, because this Ubuntu release has some new dependancies.
>> Ella Renaissance on Lubuntu 12.04 :

Enjoy hit ! The next release is schedulled for mid-july, and probably a 'security' release mid-june.

4 commentaires:

  1. You can find DEB packages here : https://launchpad.net/ella-renaissance/ella-renaissance-beta/beta1

  2. i'm trying 0.4.1 now:

    - the "Fill style" and "Stroke" rgb sliders are more difficult to use than menu:format/scenebackground (which targets us to a more complete and useful colour picker, from gtk libraries), so i think "Fill style" and "Stroke" should target there as well, somehow - for example, i normally use hexcolours all the time (like copied from colourlovers.com or chromatweet.com/.net ), and converting hexcolours into decimal r, g and b values all the time is really toilsome.

    - once i saved a .ella document and open it back, i always get a segmentation fault

    - very useful would be if we could open/import svg sequences (like i done http://nitrofurano.altervista.org/portfolio/212.htm on Macromedia-Flash editor years ago), and also open/import .svg files

    - very interesting is that descriptor.lst inside the .ella document - we could be able to open them directly, like .lst files generated from generative external scripts, without having to zip them and rename them to .ella

    - having the possibility of extending Ella with plugin scripts (python, lua, etc.), just like we find from Inkscape, Gimp, Scribus, GrafX2, etc., would be very useful, since we could create our own plugins without having to wait for some specific feature in the next version released

    thanks, and long life for Ella development! :)

  3. all of the issues above also applies at 0.4.2 (i'm testing it now)

    another thing: the menu has french mixed with english: "Fichier, Édition Layers Objects Format Images Visualization Aide"

    splash and about pictures may need some improvement - interesting if we can help on that seasonally, a new one in each new version, just like happened on Gimp and Blender.

    a question: how can we remove that "New Open Save Cut Copy Paste Undo Redo" toolbox?

  4. Thanks for your comments and very good testing, but, Ella's development is frozen, halas !